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Top Shoe Brands for Arch Support

When you are experiencing heel and arch pain, you need to know which shoe brands offer the best arch support. When you don’t wear supportive shoes, your foot pain cannot heal properly. Persistent problems such as plantar fasciitis can worsen without the proper foot attire. Below are the best shoe brands we recommend for proper...
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Best Spots for a Hike in Plano

When you want to go for a hike in Plano, it is important that you research the trail ahead of time. Knowing what the trail consists of can help you prepare your feet for possible issues. If you have foot problems, make sure to wear the right type of shoes for your hike and bring...
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Why is My Foot “Buzzing”?

Many people have reported a mysterious “buzzing” that feels almost like a cellphone is under their foot. It can be quite unnerving and worrisome to feel that type of sensation. The vibrating can likely be attributed to isolated nerve dysfunction (IND) as the cause. IND can be serious and long-lasting if not treated appropriately. Premier...
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Best Walks in McKinney

Best Walks in McKinney Staying active can help keep your health in the best possible condition. The benefits of being healthy include having a higher quality of life, and being able to enjoy numerous activities. One way to increase your health is by walking on a regular basis. Knowing the best places to walk in...
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