Can You Get Flat Feet from Flip Flops?


Flip flops have always been a summer wardrobe staple. They are cheap, comfortable and the most practical way to cruise the beach. While they serve a purpose, they shouldn't constantly be worn because flip flops can cause foot pain or perhaps even flat feet.

Lack of Foot Support

Flip flops aren't known to be the sturdiest shoes on the market since they lack in arch support, shock absorption and heel cushioning. People who regularly wear them are at risk of developing foot pain due to the complete lack of arch support, which forces the foot to over-flatten. Tendinitis and sprained ankles are also common injuries among frequent flip flop wearers.

Alternative Footwear Choices

If you are prone to developing foot pain from a lack of arch support and flat feet from flip flops, you might want to consider a few alternatives in your footwear. The American Podiatric Medical Association has recommended sandals with greater support and cushioning from such companies as Chaco, Dansko and Rockport, among others. Look for a pair of shoes that bends at the ball of the foot for maximum support.

Don’t let the thought of developing flat feet from flip flops cause you to throw away every pair in the closet. As mentioned earlier, they provide a great purpose to cruise the beach, for public showers and to wear to the community pool. But they should be worn sporadically to prevent foot pain and injury. If you have any questions about flat feet, foot pain or footwear, then contact us at 214-778-1239. At Premier Foot, we strive to deliver the best quality care from our team of professionals and invite you to contact us at any time.

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