Foot Injuries Caused by Summer Activities

As the weather gets warmer, more and more people find themselves outside participating in summertime activities. While this is certainly good for the health and well-being of all people, the summer season can also mean foot injuries. At Premier Foot, we see several common foot injuries that can be treated and prevented with some easy tips and tricks.

Ankle Sprains

A sprained ankle occurs when the ankle rolls towards the outside of the foot, most often during a sporting or recreational activity, and it is one of the most common foot injuries. While a mild sprain is often nothing to worry about, a more severe injury may require a trip to a McKinney foot clinic.

At Premier Foot, we suggest the following home treatment options for mild ankle sprains:

  • Rest
  • Elevate the foot
  • Apply ice
  • Use an ace bandage for compression and support

Preventing another ankle sprain is the best way to avoid dealing with this injury in the summer.

Stress Fractures

Many people take to the streets for running during the summer in order to exercise and take advantage of the beautiful weather. Doing too much too fast can result in stress fractures, one of the foot injuries that can be prevented by starting slow and increasing activity over time rather than jumping in full force.

Turf Toe

While this injury is most common to football players, anyone who participates in recreational activities is susceptible. Turf toe occurs when the big toe joint is overextended, which can cause a sprained ligament. The best treatment for this injury is simple rest, allowing the joint to heal.

Don’t let any of these common foot injuries ruin your summer plans. Call Premier Foot at 972-424-8999 to schedule an appointment so you can get back out there to play.

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