Foot_PainCustom Orthotics Can Help Reduce Foot Pain

If you are suffering from chronic foot pain, you may want to consider getting custom orthotics for your feet. At Premier Foot, our experts can help you get the right orthotics to relieve some of your aches, and make you more comfortable in your day to day activities. Orthotics can be very helpful with problems such as diabetic ulcers, calluses, plantar fasciitis, and other issues. Studies have shown that orthotics can relieve pain and help you get back on your feet.

Orthotics Reduce Foot Reulceration

Recently, a two-year study was conducted at a university in Spain to see if custom orthotics could reduce foot reulceration. There were 117 participants in the study, who had diabetes, and each of them was prescribed with therapeutic footwear and insoles. All of the patients who participated in the study had foot ulcers during their lifetime. However, none of them had any kind of orthotic therapy previously. During the study, researchers compared peak plantar pressures and impulses between those who wore the prescribed footwear and those who did not. They also looked at the reulceration rates and other factors. From the beginning of treatment to the end, the reulceration rate went from 79 percent to 15 percent. Researchers concluded that orthotics significantly decreased the reulceration rate in diabetic patients.

Get Professional Care

Don’t suffer through the pain, and see a Plano foot doctor today. Here at Premier Foot, we can help you get the custom orthotics you need to take care of your aching feet. Contact us at (972) 424-8999 to receive more information.

Source: O&P Edge, “Study: Custom Orthotics Reduce Foot Reulceration,” July 24, 2013

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