Diabetic Foot Treatment

Almost 3% of people worldwide suffer from diabetes. While there is no cure for the increasingly common disease, many treatments are available for management. Commitment to these treatments can help your body combat the blood impediments and you can live a relatively healthy lifestyle. Diabetic foot is a common complication of diabetes that if not watched can lead to foot infections and sometimes adult amputation of the toes or feet.

Premier Foot & Ankle is a Plano TX diabetic foot and wound care facility that can provide treatment for diabetics who are experiencing symptoms such as neuropathy, calluses, foot ulcers, and poor circulation or swelling. Diabetics should have their feet regularly checked at their endocrine doctor. Should there be any concern; Premier Foot can help treat any condition you are dealing with.

Diabetic foot ulcers can often lead to infection. Upwards of 15% of all diabetic patients develop ulcers and many of those people require additional treatment and hospitalization for the ulcers on their foot. Poor circulation in your foot makes your body and feet less able to fight infection and heal. Calluses on your feet turn to ulcers quickly and can lead to more serious conditions and often require therapeutic shoes or inserts at the minimum. Ingrown toenails also frequently result in infection.

All treatments of any diabetic foot complication should be looked at by your Plano podiatrist and you should also consult with your endocrinologist. While diabetes is a dangerous disease, it is treatable and controllable. Schedule an appointment at your local podiatry practice in Plano online or by calling 972-424-8999.

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