Pediatric Orthotics and Orthotic Treatment

Orthotic therapy is used for a variety of podiatric treatments and preventative plans of action. Your Plano TX podiatrists can help you understand your foot or ankle needs. There are two main categories for custom orthotics and a variety of grades for specific purposes. Orthotics that are functional treat abnormal foot mechanics and can help prevent repetitive injuries from stress. Mild pain is often retreated with accommodative orthotics used early on in life such as in pediatric podiatry.

Choosing the right orthotic for your child can often be daunting. An article with content from The O&P EDGE states:

Seeing a child walk for the first time can be one of life's great joys. Supporting a child in a lifetime of healthy movement can be even better. Clinicians who work to support and control the pediatric foot and ankle face an array of challenges on their way to getting and keeping kids on their feet, including a daunting range of device choices, both off-the-shelf and custom. However, choosing and developing the right device is just one step in the process…

Your Plano TX foot doctors can help you choose the right orthotic for your child’s foot and be there every step of the way in the exam and rehabilitation process. If you or your child needs orthotic treatment, contact Premier Foot & Ankle by calling 972-424-8999 or visiting us online.

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