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Premier Foot in McKinney Can Handle All Your Orthotic Issues

When it comes to keeping healthy and fit, it can be easy to forget all about our feet. After all, there are so many other issues we are warned against, we can easily take for granted two of our most important body parts. Yet when you think about all we use our feet for; standing, walking, jogging, running – it is clear that we should not let proper foot health fall by the wayside. Our McKinney TX podiatrists at Premier Foot can assist you in providing the proper podiatric care for you and your family, starting at a young age.

Pediatric orthotic care can be crucial in fighting foot pain from a young age. Whether the problem is general foot pain, club foot, flat feet, in-toe and out-toe walking, or any other foot problem plaguing your child or infant, it is imperative to seek the advice of an experienced podiatrist today. These issues won’t go away on their own, but with the proper podiatry care from Premier Foot, they can. If your child is experiencing uneven shoe wear, lumps or bumps on the feet, skin or toenail problems, persistent foot pain, or frequent tripping or falling, rely on us today to provide your child with the proper care.

But as we know, some foot pain can linger into your adult years, or not appear at all until then. Our podiatrists offer custom orthotics, either to treat current ailments or prevent them from occurring. There are two types of custom orthotics: functional and accommodative. Functional orthotics are used to prevent repetitive stress injuries, as well as put a stop to uncomfortable pronation, where the ankle turns outward. Accommodative orthotics are often used with pediatric podiatry, designed to stop foot problems and mild pain before they become more severe.

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