Toe Fungus Remedies

Toe Fungus Remedies Every Athlete Should Know About

There’s nothing like the feeling of competing at your favorite sport. However, there’s also nothing more uncomfortable or irritating than the feeling of toe fungus. If you’re struggling with toe fungus, at Premier Foot, there are a few toe fungus remedies we recommend trying out.

Treating Toe Fungus

Most of these toe fungus remedies are relatively simply and can be done within the comfort of your own home. To get rid of fungus, try some of the following tips.

  • Remember that toe fungus thrives in moist, dark environments. When you’re not practicing or at a game, avoid wearing socks and closed-toe shoes.
  • Dry off your toes regularly, especially after a shower. Additionally, make sure that your toes are completely dry before putting on shoes.
  • Wash your feet two times a day. A solution of warm, soapy water should be enough to get your toes clean.
  • Stay on top of treating your fungus. Too often, athletes see their fungus start to disappear and then stop taking care of it altogether. Make sure that your toe fungus goes away by treating it for several days after the visible signs have disappeared.
  • Clean out your shoes. If you’ve got fungus on your toes, chances are it’s in your shoes as well. Put your shoes in a well-ventilated, sunny area for a few hours before putting them on again. Doing this will help dry out your shoes and get rid of the fungus.

If you wear the same pair of shoes for your athletic activities on a daily basis, you may want to consider alternating between different pairs.

See a Foot Specialist

Unfortunately, these toe fungus remedies may not be enough to completely get rid of this condition. If you need a foot doctor to help you with this problem, schedule an appointment with us at Premier Foot today by calling 972-424-8999.

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