Frisco Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Doctor

Pain along the length of the sole of your foot could signal the need for Frisco plantar fasciitis treatment. Luckily, Frisco residents have an excellent resource in the team of highly qualified physicians at Premier Foot and Ankle.

Our specialists can help you determine the cause of your foot and heel pain, providing you with the strategies you need to improve your lower-leg health. A Frisco plantar fasciitis doctor can help you relieve the pain and ongoing discomfort associated with this very common condition. You should not feel hopeless or helpless in the face of this foot condition — with the help of plantar fasciitis treatment in Frisco TX, you, too can be back on your feet in no time at all.


Signs that you might need Frisco plantar fasciitis treatment

Plantar fasciitis occurs when the large band of tissue that connects your heel to your toes becomes inflamed and tender. It can affect one foot or both feet at the same time.

Many patients describe the pain as a sharp, burning ache. A Frisco plantar fasciitis doctor can help you identify the root cause of your foot and heel pain, but here is a basic list of reasons that many people develop this uncomfortable condition:

  • Jobs that require workers to be on their feet for most of the day
  • Wearing soft, unsupportive shoes
  • Suffering from high arches or flat feet
  • Participating in distance running
  • Experiencing sudden weight gain because of health conditions or pregnancy

No matter the reason that you developed this condition, you need the help of a plantar fasciitis doctor in Frisco TX.

Frisco plantar fasciitis treatment may involve the use of simple aids such as ice packs, or it could be serious enough to require physical therapy. No matter the severity of your plantar fasciitis, our team of doctors is ready to help you get back on your feet in no time at all. Contact Premier Foot and Ankle today to learn more.