Ingrown Toenail Treatment Doctor In East Dallas TX

Welcome to Premier Foot and Ankle, where we provide a comprehensive suite of foot care services, including our ingrown toenail treatment in East Dallas TX. We have the knowledge, experience and resources at our facility to bring ingrown toenails to a quick, minimally invasive resolution.

A leading ingrown toenail doctor in East Dallas TX

Ingrown toenails are relatively common and can be very painful and disruptive to your life. These can be caused by anything from ill-fitting shoes to plain old genetics. Regardless of the cause, we provide East Dallas ingrown toenail treatment that will resolve the problem quickly.

Outside of treating you for an existing ingrown toenail, we’re an East Dallas ingrown toenail doctor that provides patients with the education they need to prevent future cases. When it comes to preventing ingrown toenails, some of the following methods have proven effective.

  • When you trim your toenails, make sure to cut straight across rather than rounding out the corners. Rounding the corners leaves you more susceptible to ingrown toenails.
  • Similarly, make sure to trim your toenails regularly, don’t allow them to grow too long.
  • As longtime providers of ingrown toenail treatment in East Dallas TX, we have found that many of these cases are caused by shoes that fit too tightly and squeeze your toes together. We recommend finding better fitting shoes.
  • Also, inspect your feet regularly for signs of developing ingrown toenails. This is especially important if you suffer from diabetes. Luckily, Premier Foot and Ankle serves as an ingrown toenail doctor in East Dallas TX that is also skilled and knowledgeable in providing diabetic foot care.

Don’t let ingrown toenails progress to the point where they cause immense pain and discomfort. Instead, consult with Premier Foot and Ankle and take advantage of our ingrown toenail treatment in East Dallas TX.