Plano Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment

Address your Plano toenail fungus infection the right way by trusting in the experienced staff at Premier Foot and Ankle. Here, we utilize the latest and greatest technology to help you finally eliminate the nasty signs of a toenail fungual infection.

Cases of this fairly common ailment can range in severity. However, it doesn’t matter if you have spotted the infection in its infancy or are grappling with an advanced case, our toenail fungus laser treatment in Plano TX has proven to be 80 percent effective on the patients that receive it. This is superior to the alternative methods (i.e. oral medication, topical treatments and more).


Understanding toenail fungal infections

Some men and women put off a visit to our clinic for Plano toenail fungus laser treatment because they are self-conscious about their ailment. A fungus infection can make your nails look very unsightly and unsanitary.

We understand the pain and embarrassment that can accompany a Plano toenail fungus infection. You can also rest assured knowing that it is fairly common. These fungal infections can be traced back to a number of causes:

  • Shoes that don’t let your feet breath
  • Age
  • Heredity
  • Poor overall health
  • Trauma sustained to your feet

It doesn’t matter what the root cause of your infection is — our toenail fungus laser treatment in Plano TX utilizes a technology that treats both the surface of the nail and penetrates down into the nail bed to hit the site of the infection.

This treatment for toenail fungus in Plano TX is easy, pain-free and, most importantly, the most effective. Don’t waste months of your life and a lot of your money trying oral medication and topical treatments. Get the procedure that works!

Start by calling Premier Foot and Ankle and see what we can do about your Plano toenail fungus infection.