South Dallas Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Doctor

Reliable plantar fasciitis treatment in South Dallas TX is important because this foot condition is far too common. In fact, millions of men and women around the country each year grapple with plantar fasciitis, which is marked by inflammation in the tissues that run from your heel to your toes.

Like many other foot ailments, this condition can range in severity from mildly uncomfortable to nearly keeping you off of your feet completely. As your plantar fasciitis doctor in South Dallas TX we will diagnose the severity of your condition and map out an appropriate avenue for treatment.

What causes plantar fasciitis?

As a long-time South Dallas plantar fasciitis doctor, we know that this ailment stems from a variety of causes. Abnormal foot structure like flat feet or high arches can welcome in this painful condition.

Also, if you wear shoes that don’t properly support your feet, you can welcome plantar fasciitis into your life. Our South Dallas plantar fasciitis treatment can range from something as simple as stretching and physical therapy all the way to injection therapy.

What are the symptoms?

You might want to consult with a qualified podiatrist for plantar fasciitis treatment in South Dallas TX if you start to experience an inexplicable pain in your heel. This is one of the telltale signs of the ailment.

When you are at rest for a prolonged period of time (i.e. sleeping) and get on your feet, this pain is often more intense.

Work with a leading plantar fasciitis doctor in South Dallas TX

Premier Foot and Ankle offers treatment for a wide variety of foot and ankle conditions, this includes plantar fasciitis. No two cases of this condition are the same, which is why we design plantar fasciitis treatment in South Dallas TX that fits your unique needs and helps you find relief. Call our team to book an appointment.