Are Orthotics Right for You?

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The reasons for using orthotics can be many and varied, but orthotics are usually worn to correct a misalignment in the skeletal framework. They can be made from various materials and may be a either permanent feature in your life or just a temporary aid to help with certain conditions. You should never fit them without taking specialist advice first, however, because accidentally causing a misalignment within your skeleton can cause a great deal of pain.


From full custom inserts that run the length of your foot to steps or wedges worn under one part, orthotics can come in a variety of styles and that also means a wide range of prices. Depending on whether it will be an ongoing solution to a condition or temporary fix for a short-term problem, you should always consider what will be best for your health needs.


You may feel that an orthotic could help you (for whatever reason), but only by taking professional advice from a trained podiatrist will you know for sure. Computer analysis has developed the practice of diagnosis to an unrivaled level. It is now possible to walk on a pressure-sensitive pad which can then interpret the results to show the areas of your foot that need attention. Of course, there are still some “old school” specialists who will assess you purely on their knowledge, but a combination of the two methods is ideal.

To find out whether an orthotic could help you reduce any skeletal aches or pains, contact the experts at Premier Foot and Ankle. We try our very best to put you at ease and get you pain-free.

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