Running May Lead to Laser Treatment for Foot Pain

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Barefoot running has increased in popularity in recent years. It has also been linked to a rise in foot issues in runners. Laser treatment for foot pain may be able to ease any soreness caused by barefoot running. The experienced team at Premier Foot & Ankle can help alleviate foot discomfort.

Shoes are a modern invention

For thousands of years, humans ran and walked without shoes. There has been much debate over whether barefoot running is more natural and can lessen the chance of getting hurt versus exposing a runner to an increased likelihood for new discomfort and injury. McKinney foot pain clinic provides laser treatment for foot pain.

Traditional running shoes vs. barefoot running “shoes”

Dr. Douglas Brown and Dr. Sarah Ridge devised a scientific study to further understand any connection. The study started by performing MRIs on the feet of 36 seasoned runners to confirm the absence of any injuries. Half of the runners were instructed to run as they always had. The other half were outfitted with Vibram Five Fingers barefoot “shoes.” They were advised to slowly incorporate wearing the shoes into their routine. When MRIs were done at the end of the 10 week study, some members of the group wearing the Vibram Five Fingers “shoes” had preliminary signs of bone injuries to their feet.

If barefoot running is causing foot irritation laser treatment for foot pain may be just want you need. Call the Premier Foot & Ankle at 972-424-8999 for expert help with all foot pain issues.

Source: The New York Times, “Barefoot Running Can Cause Injuries Too,” Gretchen Reynolds, March 6, 2013


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