Do You Know the Signs of a Diabetic Foot Ulcer?

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Diabetes is a condition that affects more than a person’s blood sugar levels. It also causes nerve damage and can affect your ability to feel many of the physical symptoms of a diabetic foot ulcer. At Premier Foot, we recommend that you have your feet checked by a foot doctor every few months to minimize your risk of developing foot problems from diabetes.

Causes of Foot Ulcers

It doesn’t take much for diabetics to develop health problems that are related to their condition. One of the biggest reasons why diabetics are more prone to foot ulcers is because of poor blood flow and circulation. When there is poor circulation, any wounds in the affected areas take longer to heal.

Other risk factors that contribute to the development of a diabetic foot ulcer include:

  • Wearing shoes that don’t fit properly
  • Long history of diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Deformities of the foot
  • History of neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease
  • Poorly managed blood sugar levels

Symptoms of a Foot Ulcer

While it is not uncommon to experience soreness periodically from doing a lot of walking, running and other activities, if you start to feel more pain than usual or notice an increase or decrease in sensations in your legs, ankles or feet, you may have an ulcer on your lower extremities.

Symptoms of a diabetes-related ulcer include:

  • Slow healing sores and wounds
  • Sudden appearance of blisters
  • Pain
  • Difficulty walking or standing
  • Discoloration of the legs, feet or ankles
  • Redness, swelling and/or fever
  • Inflammation and other signs of infection


If you have or suspect that you have a diabetic foot ulcer, we recommend you seek out immediate medical attention. The longer you wait to get your condition diagnosed and treated, the higher your risks are for infection, which could cause you to lose your limb. Treatment depends on how severe your particular foot problem is. To learn more about foot ulcers and what you can do to avoid them, contact Premier Foot at [phone] today.


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