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When you deal with foot pain on a daily basis, you might feel as if the discomfort will never come to an end. At Premier Foot & Ankle, we offer solutions that range from supportive taping to custom orthotics to end your foot pain. Our McKinney podiatrist explains how we can end your pain this year so that you can enjoy an active, healthy, and pain free 2013.

About Customized Orthotics

As a long lasting yet conservative treatment for painful feet, customized orthotics are used to treat many types of foot problems. Custom orthotics are fit to your particular feet. In our practice, we make molds of your feet and then our medical lab constructs orthotic inserts for your shoes. The orthotic inserts may consist of a variety of materials depending on the type of support and cushioning your foot condition requires. Common materials used in the construction of orthotic inserts include plastic, foam cushioning, and leather. The orthotics will match the arch of your foot and will be made to fit snugly within your shoes.

Benefits of Customized Orthotics

By wearing your new orthotic inserts every day, your feet will get the necessary support to relieve pain. From arch support to cushioning for problem areas such as bunions and heel soreness, the orthotic insert will absorb the shock that comes from each step that you take.

Orthotic inserts are great for foot pain because they:

  • fit into many different styles of shoes and are unnoticeable to anyone else.
  • last for many years, relieving your pain for an extended period of time.
  • do not cause any unwanted side effects and can be used for as long as you need them.

Our foot care experts at Premier Foot & Ankle are here to help restore comfort to your daily life. With our customized treatment options, we can lessen or even eliminate your pain so that you can return to the activities you enjoy. To make your appointment with our McKinney podiatrist, call us today at 214-778-1239. We look forward to assisting you in living a comfortable, healthy, and pain-free life.


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