Gait Analysis with Premier Foot and Ankle

As with many things in life, your gait is individual and unique to you. Because of this, all gaits are not created equal, and should be treated as a highly-specific and personal issue. At Premier Foot and Ankle, we specialize in diagnosing and alleviating all your podiatric issues. With our computer gait analysis, our McKinney TX podiatrist can effectively develop a treatment plan to do just this.

With the most advanced computer gait analysis, we can effectively diagnose your podiatric problems, developing a personalized treatment plan that will utilize the information obtained. Our computer gait analysis will record your individual movements, allowing our podiatrists to determine the extent of your podiatric issue and the best means of eliminating it. Gait analysis has come a long way since its first implementation in the 1970s and 1980s, and our McKinney office boasts the most advanced technology to properly detect and locate the root any inefficiencies within your gait. Gait analysis has long been used to optimize sports performance, and our McKinney podiatrist often utilizes the method to help patients recover from previous sports injuries.

For all your podiatric needs in McKinney and the surrounding area, Premier Foot and Ankle is here to help. Our podiatrists are fully prepared to handle your podiatric issues, and can develop custom orthotics to improve your overall athletic performance and your day-to-day comfort. For additional information regarding computer gait analysis, give us a call at 214-778-1239 or contact us online today.


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