How to Know if Custom Orthotics Are for You

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For the last five years, sales of specially made custom orthotics has risen. This is a much higher growth rate than even a decade ago. It is estimated that sales of prescription insoles are now at $180 million annually. Premier Foot and Ankle has been serving the Plano area with high quality custom orthotics and specializes in non-invasive treatments for plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and more.

Do I Need Orthotics?

Everyone is different, and orthotics help people in different ways. Basically, it all comes down to the way your foot works, both walking and running, your injury level and history, and your body type.

Generally, underpronation and overpronation are the most common improper foot workings. Both can contribute to injury, but in different ways. For an overpronating foot, support is key to limit the rate of extra foot motion. Underpronating, though, requires a modification focused on shock absorption. If you experience any muscle pain in the low back or lower limb area before, after or during activity, foot improper foot mechanics is probably the cause. Also, if you wear out shoes easily or experience shoe breakdown in a very short period of time, poor foot mechanics are probably to blame. Only a professional can fully assess if custom orthotics are right for you. Premiere Foot and Ankle, the Plano foot doctor, focuses on fixing these problems with ease.

How Do I Get Orthotics?

The biomechanics of the foot, knee and ankle are very complex, and understanding a person’s gait is just as complex. Non-specialists are not successful in navigating this complexity. Orthotics should only be prescribed by a specialist who has provided a thorough examination. Consider Premier Foot and Ankle for all your orthotic needs. For more information, contact us at (972)424-8999.


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