How to Treat Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is not only unpleasant to the eye, but severe cases can be very painful. Toe fungus is a type of fungal infection that takes root from under the toenail, starting as a small white or yellow spot. From there, if not treated immediately, the fungus will spread and deepen in color. The toenail thickens, begins to develop brittle edges, and morphs in shape. It is best to seek treatment at the first sign of fungus developing on your toe in order to avoid the fungal infection spreading and affecting more than one toe. At Premier Foot and Ankle, our Plano podiatrists are available to give a proficient diagnosis and provide you with the most advanced treatments in the Plano and McKinney area.

There are multiple ways to treat toe fungus. In the earlier stages of a fungal infection, a topical treatment could suffice. Another traditional form of treatment is oral medication. Though topical and oral medications are the most common ways to cure a toe fungus infection, they are not the most effective solutions. Often it could take months before any sign of healing while using these forms of treatment. In order to expedite the treatment for toenail fungus, the best option is laser treatment. Laser treatment for toenail fungus takes only ten minutes per treatment, essentially painless, and is effective. During a laser treatment, you may feel a warm sensation while the laser is only targeted on the site of the infection, leaving your nail bed untouched.

As your podiatrist in Plano, we can provide you with our professional service and experienced doctors to give you the most effective diagnosis and advice you need to get the best treatments specifically for your situation. Call your Plano foot doctor at Premier Foot & Ankle today if you have any questions at 972-424-8999 or schedule an appointment online.


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