Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus


With the summer heat upon us, the importance of staying cool during and after much of our outdoor activity has increased. Keeping your feet cool can be overlooked in the process and poorly ventilated footwear can lead to the common problem of toenail fungus. Premiere Foot and Ankle, your Plano TX podiatrist, offers treatment for mild to severe toenail fungus infections and encourages you to get treatment as soon as possible so as not to allow the infection to spread.

Toenail fungus has early warning signs such as white or yellow speckle on the nail. More serious and full-blown infections will show yellow coloration often with a scaly appearance on the skin. Toenail fungus is often linked to heredity, age, poor health and hygiene, trauma to an area of the foot, and poorly ventilated footwear as mentioned above.

Plano podiatrist toenail fungus treatment should not precede an official diagnosis from one of our podiatry professionals. Although toenail fungus symptoms are easily visible, many other foot infections or conditions have similar indications. It is best to have a professional take a few samples from the nail and skin for lab testing to ensure proper treatment.

Many times topical or oral medications will suffice and are very effective, although these traditional toenail fungus treatments take longer than more modern ones. Premiere Foot and Ankle believes in offering the latest and most advanced non-invasive treatments available. Laser treatment for toenail fungus is a fast and effective option with very little discomfort. Laser treatment takes about 10 minutes per treatment and patients feel only a warm sensation. This effective treatment targets only the infected area and leaves the nail and nail-bed unharmed.

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