Pamper Those Feet – How Looking After Your Feet Looks After You

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Pampering your feet isn’t really within our domain, but looking after them can certainly help any problems developing that could see you knocking on our door. People tend to overlook the health of their feet – just considering them as big lumps on the end of their legs that help transport them or stop them falling over. But feet are so much more than that!

Personal Transport

OK, we have already mentioned that feet are so much more, but this is one of their primary functions, and they do well at it; able to cope to with differing terrain, grip levels, gradients and sizes (tip-toe anyone?). If they were a car, they would be the equivalent of a Humvee – truly ‘go anywhere’.

Nerve Endings

There are many people that believe the feet are key points in a healthy body – with pressure points all relating to the key organs of the body. Reflexology is growing all the time, some people find it wonderful, some not so. It is definitely worth trying – we are big believers in if something works for you, then keep at it.


Can there really be anything better than getting home after a long day at work and having a foot massage? You can almost feel the life seeping back into your body. While this may not be a cure for any disease, it can certainly help you to feel better, refreshed and even full of life again.

As you’re on your feet for a good portion of the day, any aches and pains can be exacerbated, making standing, walking or even just sitting feel uncomfortable. Looking after your feet will definitely help the days pass a little easier, if you’re having any type of difficulty or have noticed dull aches and pains, you should always take advice from a medical professional.

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