Nerve Decompression Surgery for Morton’s Neuroma

Foot pain may be the result of many things and often short exercises can help alleviate such pain. Sometimes you find yourself with unbearable burning, tingling, and numbness as the result of possible nerve damage that has swollen and produced a more severe problem. Always have your local Plano TX podiatrist diagnose any foot problem as they use the most advanced technology and cutting edge diagnosis methods.

Morton’s Neuroma is a swelling and compression of the nerves, often pinched, that occurs between the third and fourth toes. This location on the foot is the most common area a neuroma will form although it can occur between the other inside set of toes and the heel. Proper diagnosis of a neuroma will determine the plan for foot rehabilitation or surgery depending on how far along the discomfort has progressed.

Historically, neuroma treatment involves cortisone injections, orthotics, or surgery to relieve the compression in the nerve. Cortisone injections are most common and relieve the inflammation, releasing the pressure on the nerve. Where there is more significant nerve damage, cutting edge technology used by Premier Foot & Ankle of Plano may be employed.

As seen on News 8 in Dallas, a minimally invasive nerve decompression surgery, or MIND can be effective in treating Morton’s Neuroma.

Don’t wait to have your foot or ankle problem diagnosed by a local podiatry specialist in Plano. Premier Foot & Ankle can help so make an appointment today by calling to schedule an appointment or visiting us online.


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