Plantar Wart Treatment from Your McKinney TX Podiatrist

Viral infections can cause small growths on the skin called warts. The plantar wart is a wart that grows on the bottom of the foot and is common among children, adolescents and the elderly. The McKinney TX podiatrists at Premier Foot & Ankle offer professional treatment of plantar warts whether they are solitary or mosaic.

When examining your feet, you may notice callus skin or feel pain caused by standing pressure on your foot pushing against a developing wart. When feeling the area of callus you may also feel pain by squeezing the growth on either side. Discoloration of a wart on your foot may also be visible because of dried drops of blood from the capillaries just beneath the skin. These symptoms are reason to schedule an appointment with Premier Foot & Ankle’s professional podiatrists to receive an expert diagnosis and begin a treatment process.

The experts at Premier Foot & Ankle frequently diagnose and treat warts on the foot. Through careful examination, the podiatrists in McKinney will be able to develop a treatment plan for your specific situation. Plantar warts are caused through direct contact with the human papilloma virus and may be treated in many different ways. While over-the-counter treatments you might find in a drug store or convenience store can be effective. One might end up spending time and money on an ineffective treatment. Always consult your local foot doctor in McKinney for the most efficient and effective treatment.

Your McKinney plantar wart treatment options may include topical and oral treatments prescribed by Premier Foot & Ankle. Other plantar wart treatment options include:

  • Laser Therapy
  • Cryotherapy (Freezing)
  • Acid Treatment
  • Surgical Removal

Premier Foot & Ankle is the podiatric expert in McKinney with an office in Plano. Your McKinney foot doctor, Premier Foot & Ankle, is available for regular check-ups and questions at 972-424-8999 or you can schedule an appointment online.


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