Preventing Foot Pain During Summer

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Summer is when more people engage in outdoor activities such as walking, hiking and sports. However, it’s also the most common time for us at Premier Foot & Ankle to see people with new feet and ankle injuries. Below is a look at ways you can prevent foot pain this summer.

Common Causes of Injury

Numerous summer activities involve the feet and ankles, including walking, hiking, running and sports, such as soccer and football. Overuse injuries can happen in any of these activities, but sports injuries can involve trauma to the ligaments and tendons in the feet and ankles. Achilles tendon strains and ruptures, ligament strains and tears, arch inflammation and stress fractures are among the most common injuries.

Offroad Protection

Hikers often walk over miles of uneven terrain that can put massive strain on the ankles and feet. Besides blisters, strains and fractures can happen in this setting. To prevent these issues, get physically conditioned before going on long, strenuous hikes. A pair of properly fitting hiking boots is also essential for preventing pain and injury.

Stay Alert for Pain

Always watch for pain in the feet and ankles whether you’re out for a stroll or engaged in more strenuous physical activity. If your feet are beginning to ache, it’s a sign that injury may be on the way. To prevent a serious problem such as Achilles tendon rupture or ankle sprain, stay within the limits of your physical conditioning and rest your feet and ankles as necessary.

Preparation and Pronation

Before any physical activity, take time to warm up your muscles. Stretch lightly, staying within your own pain-free range of motion. However, even after stretching and warming up, you may still suffer an injury if you suffer from pronation. When this occurs, the arch flattens each time the foot hits the ground. Fortunately, this issue can be resolved with custom orthotics offered by Premier Foot & Ankle. Compared to over-the-counter orthotics, these are designed for long-term use and are more supportive and comfortable.

Along with protection from foot pronation, custom orthotics help sports injuries heal faster with less pain. If you experience foot pain during physical activity and want to learn more about your options for treatment, call Premier Foot & Ankle at 214-778-1239 to speak with our McKinney podiatrists.


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