Importance of Diligent Diabetic Foot Care

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A Las Vegas journal recently reported how important it is that diabetics stay on top of diabetic foot care in order to catch any problems that they might be having with their feet because of their diabetes. If you’re diabetic and it’s been a while since you’ve had your feet checked, it’s recommended that you schedule a visit with the Plano foot clinic Premier Foot.

The Danger of Diabetes

In the news article, a patient believed that they merely had a blister on their foot when in fact it was actually an ulcer forming beneath a callus on their toe. After hearing the patient was having problems with the foot, a doctor ordered x-rays and blood tests in order to determine whether or not the patient’s infection had spread to the bones.

The reason that diabetics have to pay so much attention to diabetic foot care is that diabetes can affect organs, nerves and vessels. In some cases, individuals can sustain nerve damage in their feet and not even be aware of it.

The Source of Diabetes

The doctor who was interviewed for the article stated that anyone who is diabetic should get foot screenings since early detection can lead to prevention of fungal infections as well as ulcers. As with any branch of medicine, preventative maintenance is key to keeping patients as healthy as possible and can help them avoid problems later on.

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Source: Las Vegas Review. “Doctor Stresses the Importance of Foot Screenings for Diabetics,” Caitlyn Belcher, December 22, 2013


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