The Truth About Heel Spurs

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If you notice a rigid protrusion coming from your heel that wasn’t there before, you might have what is known as a heel spur. While heel spurs are not necessarily a big deal, and they may not even cause any pain, it is always a good idea to get them checked out. At Premier Foot, we’ve seen this type of foot condition numerous times, and we’re ready to give you expert advice and treatment. Don’t wait until you start feeling pain – get help from your friendly McKinney foot clinic before the pain begins!

Understanding Heel Spurs

A bone spur can occur in nearly any part of the body. People can get bone spurs in their shoulders, hands, spine, you name it – pretty much any bone can get these odd growths from time to time, including the heels. These bony protrusions form when the body adds more bone to a certain spot in response to stress of some sort. They aren’t painful in and of themselves, but like any abnormal growth on the body, they can sometimes cause pain by pressing on nerves and other tissues.

What Causes Heel Spurs?

Bone spurs generally form as a response to mechanical stress. If you think that you have one starting to form on your heel, you should consider what might be placing stress on your feet. Most likely, it’s your shoes. Wearing overly tight shoes can be a major contributing factor to heel spurs.

When you come for your appointment at Premier Foot, be sure to discuss with us any of the factors that might be causing your heel spurs. Knowing about your footwear, walking habits and other details will help us in the diagnosis. You can contact us at (972) 424-8999.


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