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Heel spurs are a painful condition that we treat here at Premier Foot. They are formed out of calcium deposits made by the heel bone as it attempts to protect itself. Repetitive motions, such as running, contribute to this problem, as does a tight plantar fascia ligament, which is the ligament that pulls on your heel bone. If the plantar fascia is too tight, it can stimulate the heel to release calcium. Along with the professional help offered in our McKinney foot clinic, heel spurs exercise treatment does a lot of good in both relieving pain and halting the progression of calcium deposits.

Plantar Fascia Stretch

Flip flops aren’t known to be the sturdiest shoes on the market since they lack in arch support, shock absorption and heel cushioning. People who regularly wear them are at risk of developing foot pain due to the complete lack of arch support, which forces the foot to over-flatten. Tendinitis and sprained ankles are also common injuries among frequent flip flop wearers.

Alternative Footwear Choices

Stretching your plantar fascia is important, but it tends to be more painful for those suffering with heel spurs. In order to make it easier, you should consider stretching before you begin the day. Do not push your heel spurs exercise treatment stretches too far. While you stretch, you should feel the pull, and even a burn, but you should never force it. Go slowly to increase your stretch over time, so you do not injure yourself.

  • Sit on the floor with your legs straight in front of you.
  • Cross your right foot over your left knee.
  • Reach for your left foot, grab your toes, and gently bend them toward your body.
  • If you cannot grab your toes, do not overexert yourself. Instead, wrap a towel around your foot and gently pull the towel.
  • Hold your position for 10 seconds.
  • Switch your position to stretch your other plantar fascia.
  • Repeat the stretch until you have stretched each leg 20 times.

Let Us Help You

As important as heel spurs exercise treatment is, you need more than exercises to help overcome your condition. At Premier Foot, we have experience treating heel spurs, and we want to help you return to your normal activities. Contact our McKinney office at 214-778-1239.


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