Diabetes is a multi-system disease that requires a podiatrist to monitor your foot health. The vasculopathy and neuropathy often associated with diabetes result in impaired circulation and sensation in the feet, which in turn may lead to improper care of an unnoticed blister or cut. Nearly one quarter of persons with diabetes will have a foot ulcer at some point during their lifetime. The most prevalent cause of lower extremity amputations is infected foot wounds in people with diabetes. Most of these cases can be avoided with proper diabetic foot care. During your appointment with your Podiatrist at Premier Foot and Ankle we will closely monitor how diabetes affects your foot health and work to reduce the risks associated with diabetes.


Vascular problems associated with diabetes will be monitored by your Podiatrist every visit. We utilize an ABI machine in office than can quantify your blood flow and, in most cases, diagnose vascular disease prior to any symptoms so that it can be corrected before it becomes an issue. This is covered by all medical insurances and takes less than 5 minutes.


Your Podiatrist at Premier Foot and Ankle can quantify potential nerve damage due to diabetes with a Smartscan in the office.

The IDSA recommends for all diabetics to see a Podiatrist at least every 6 months depending on your condition for regular nail clipping and diabetic foot check. With our diabetic patients, a small problem can become a very big issue if it is not corrected quickly. Your Podiatrist will work with you to prevent ulcers by offloading your pressure points with diabetic shoes as well as a verity of other means.


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