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Athletes often take their bodies for granted, despite caring for them effectively. Perhaps some of the most common problems in sports injuries revolve around the foot and ankle.


Running, stepping, and sliding can easily result in a sprained ankle, as can overuse and excessive training. Ankle sprains are a common injury among athletes and should be evaluated by a podiatrist or foot and ankle surgeon to determine the extent of the injury. This could include more serious harm, such as a peroneal tendon injury, damage to the ankle ligaments, or a fracture. Be aware of the onset of chronic ankle instability as well, and have it evaluated immediately by one of our North Texas podiatrists.


A variety of fractures can occur in the small bones of the foot, especially from contact sports such as football. Beware of ankle fractures, metatarsal fractures, and Lisfranc fractures that can sideline athletes and may necessitate surgery.


Impact to the ball of the foot and rough contact with other players can cause a contusion. In soccer, contusions and bone bruises are commonly caused by high impact from slide tackling and kicking the ball. Many golf injuries are similar, with excessive stress put on the ball of the foot during the golf swing. Capsulitis, neuromas, and hallux rigidus (causing increased pain in the great toe joint) are common ailments for golfers.

Achilles Tendinopathy

Excessive training and overuse can cause a number of problems, including Achilles tendinopathy and heel pain (see plantar fasciitis).


Many sports, including baseball and soccer, require wearing cleats, which can lead to additional injuries of the foot, including neuromas, bunions, hammer toes, and sesamoids. To avoid complications from wearing cleats, be sure the shoes are properly fitted, and see a podiatrist at the first sign of injury.


Because of the workout provided to the foot and ankle by recreational and competitive runners, a variety of stress problems can occur. In addition to other injuries incited by overuse, runners are often prone to stress fractures and posterior tibial tendonitis. To maintain foot and ankle health, runners should see a podiatrist to evaluate any possible injuries and determine a course of treatment.

As an athlete, the best thing you can do for your continued success and health is to care for your feet and ankles, since you largely rely on them in the world of sports, regardless of the brand of sport you prefer. Schedule an appointment with our skilled podiatrists for an evaluation and possible treatment of existing injuries today.


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