Allen Bunion Hammertoe Removal

Allen Bunion Hammertoe Removal

Premier Foot and Ankle is offering men and women relief from the pains of bunions and hammertoe with our cutting-edge Allen bunion removal treatments. You don’t have to suffer through the pain, discomfort and disfiguration.

Both of these conditions can wreak havoc on your toes, not only making it painful to walk or stand for prolonged periods of time, but diminishing the aesthetic appeal of your toes, as well. With our bunion removal in Allen TX, you are able to correct even advanced and severe cases.


Treatment for bunions

Bunions form at the base of the big toe, when the joint becomes enlarged and the tissue can become enflamed and swollen. Severe bunions can begin to shift your big toe, generally causing it to point inward.

We offer Allen bunion removal that utilizes a variety of orthotics to correct the problem. Otherwise, our surgical procedures are safe and easy and will serve as the most effective bunion removal in Allen TX that you will find.


Treating patients for hammertoe

Similarly, hammertoe is a condition that can affect your small toes, creating a permanent bend in the joint. This can be a product of tight-fitting shoes or various forms of physical trauma to your feet.

Regardless, our Allen hammertoe removal process can also be administered with orthotics, which can often reduce the symptoms or eliminate them completely. In some cases, surgical hammertoe removal in Allen TX is required, which is why it is important to seek the input of a qualified podiatrist.

Premier Foot and Ankle can provide you with this valuable insight. Our expert staff will administer an examination, complete with X-rays, to determine the best route for treatment.

Put your trust in the clinic that has led the way in Allen bunion removal. Contact the friendly staff at Premier Foot and Ankle and eliminate the pain in your feet!