Allen Foot Heel Pain Doctor

Allen Foot Heel Pain Doctor

If you have been suffering from mobility issues because of foot pain and discomfort, an Allen foot doctor from Premier Foot and Ankle can help you start feeling better fast. No matter the cause of your foot pain, a foot doctor in Allen TX can perform diagnostic checks to identify the source of the problem and help you regain the mobility and lifestyle that you deserve.

Whether you are a diabetic patient that requires frequent foot checks, or you have another uncomfortable problem such as foot fungus or heel spurs, an Allen TX foot doctor can be “just what the doctor ordered!”


Reasons to visit an Allen foot doctor

Foot pain can seem like a minor problem — perhaps you tweaked your ankle while playing with your kids or you are experiencing some strain from spending long days on your feet at work.

The problem with delaying a visit to a foot doctor in Allen TX is that your condition could worsen, causing significantly more problems because you failed to seek immediate treatment. If you are suffering from one of the following symptoms, a visit to a heel pain Doctor in Allen TX might be the right choice:

  • Severe pain, swelling, inflammation or redness
  • Inability to walk on the foot because of pain
  • Signs of infection including feverish skin or oozing pus
  • Persistent pain that continues after several weeks
  • Burning pain, tingling or numbness in any part of your foot
  • Any of the above combined with diabetes

Although it may seem as though these symptoms could be easily treated with self-care at home, a professional Allen foot doctor can help you identify the root of your condition so it does not recur. Do not leave your health status up to chance — contact us today to learn more about your treatment options. We can’t wait to get you back on the road to good foot health.