Ingrown Toenail – What You Should Know

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Not everyone has had the misfortune to suffer from an ingrown toenail, although it really is quite common. However, if you have suffered from one, you’ll know just how painful it can be; swollen flesh, extremely tender to the touch and what feels like no relief without suffering further pain first.


Usually caused from the simplest thing – cutting your toe nail incorrectly, although there are other causes that will also give you the same; incorrectly sized shoes, fungal infection or even just an injury, whatever the cause, the pain can be excruciating. It makes it worse that in nearly every case, avoidance is very easy and doesn’t take any hard work, just a few simple measures.


As the name suggests, the problems start when the toenail starts to actually grow into the skin, usually the side of the nail. It may feel a little sore to start with, but left untreated, it will only ever get more painful, sometimes with an end result of requiring minor surgery.


Depending on the exact reason why you have an ingrown nail, advoiding them is relatively easy. Good foot hygiene should be part of your routine anyway, but keeping them clean and fungal free will help to avoid such conditions. When it comes to cutting your toe nails, you should always cut them square across the toe, don’t be tempted to round the corners off, no matter how much better it looks. Avoid wearing tight shoes and socks.

While these measures are all pretty simple, they should maximize your chances of avoiding the dreaded pain of an ingrown toenail.

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