Reasons for Reconstructive Foot Surgery

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People often don’t think about how important their feet are. The feet contain 25& of the body’s bones and are constructed to withstand up to 100 tons of pressure a day. If the feet are not taken care of properly or are exposed to trauma, they may fail to carry the body’s weight appropriately. Footand ankle problems sometimes require reconstructive surgery to restore balance and allow the person to walk properly. Premier Foot & Ankle performs these kinds of surgeries as needed.

Diabetic Complications

Diabetic people often have foot problems. They may sustain injuries to their feet as a result of uncontrolled diabetes and may even need to have a foot amputated. Diabetic people who have severe pain in their feet may need surgery to resolve the pain. Foot surgery can also help diabetics become more mobile after an amputation. For example, surgery can create a prosthetic foot for a diabetic whose foot has been amputated.

Flat Foot Deformities

Having flat feet is one of the leading causes of needing foot surgery. If the feet are too flat, they don’t support the rest of the body appropriately. Children and adults who have flat feet can benefit from surgery that creates curves and arches in the feet to make walking easier.


Trauma is another important reason to get surgery on the feet. Wearing shoes that are too tight or dropping something heavy on the feet while working can cause damage to the feet even if the foot looks fine. If a patient suffers from pain as a result of trauma, reconstructive foot surgery can help fix the damage so that the patient can regain foot health.

Patients who are considering foot surgery may need to consult a McKinney podiatrist. The doctors at Premier Foot & Ankle are foot experts who can recommend the best course of treatment for your needs. Call them at 214-778-1239 to schedule a consultation.


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