Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment

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Diabetes complicates many life decisions and increases the need for various professional medical treatments. The diabetic immune system is extremely suppressed. This can lead to many life threatening complications, since a small wound can contract an infection in a short time frame. Fortunately, Premier Foot & Ankle specializes in diabetic foot wound care, and will provide the correct treatment for your exacting needs.

It is Time to Consult our Podiatrist When:

An Ulcer Develops: Ulcers are generally found on the bottom of the foot. Ulcers form as a result of elevated blood glucose levels or trauma. The major threat posed by ulcers is the increased possibility of infection. Some diabetic patients develop ulcers and nearly half of those patient require additional treatment and hospitalization.

Foot Injury: Even if an ulcer has not developed, any injury can result in infection.

Constant Pain: If you experience constant or frequent foot pain, it is time to visit a podiatrist. This is a sign of a circulation problem. We are fully equiped to perform vascular testing.

Ingrown Toenails: Ingrown toenails frequently result in infection. Self treatment is not advised due to the increased risk of trauma and infection.

Numbness: Numbness in the legs and feet is a sign of nerve damage, otherwise known as neuropathy.

If you have or are currently experiencing any of these symptoms it is crucial that you contact Premier Foot & Ankle in Dallas, Mesquite Plano, Allen, or Frisco as soon as possible.


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