Toe Fungus Laser Treatment

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Laser treatment is by far the most effective treatment for toenail fungus. Oral and topical treatments for toenail fungus may take upwards of six months however it takes roughly ten minutes per treatment for three months. This treatment causes an absolute minimum of discomfort. Most patients report a warm sensation while undergoing this treatment.

How Laser Works?

A laser is applied to the fungal toenail. The laser then channels heat in the form of light, which not only treats the surface, but also removes fungus from the nail bed. The laser doesn’t harm skin or keratin, (e.g. the toenail) it only treats the fungus.

The Hyper Blue 1530 Laser

With the advent of the HyperBlue 1530 Laser for toenail fungus treatment, your toenail fungus can be a thing of the past. Forget the over-the-counter creams and topical treatments of the past: with just 3-4 treatments spaced 30 days apart, your feet can be in optimal health in no time, giving you the sense of self confidence that only perfectly clean toenails can.

Its Benefits

Fast Treatment: It approximately takes 10 minutes per treatment.

Effectiveness: The effectiveness of the treatment with laser is around 80%.

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