Frisco Foot And Ankle Care Specialist

Frisco Foot And Ankle Care Specialist

Seek the guidance and treatment of an experienced Frisco foot and ankle care specialist by contacting our team at Premier Foot and Ankle. We allow you to seek relief from the pain and discomfort that comes with a wide variety of foot and ankle ailments.

As the leading foot specialist in Frisco TX, we offer so many different things that stand to benefit our patients. Just some of the advantages you get when you turn to Premier Foot and Ankle include:

  • Experienced staff: These are men and women that, not only have the background and necessary training and certifications in podiatry, but each member of our team is a foot and ankle care specialist in Frisco TX that has continued their education in pursuit of offering the most innovative treatments.
  • Cutting-edge technology: A Frisco foot and ankle care specialist is only as effective as the resources they have available to them. We utilize some of the most cutting-edge equipment from PADnet technology for vascular testing to EPAT noninvasive radio frequency treatment for plantar fasciitis. We utilize all the latest tools to bring you relief.
  • Compassionate, caring environment: At Premier Foot and Ankle, we strive to be a foot specialist in Frisco TX that provides one-on-one, personal treatment for each and every patient. You need to work with professionals that will take the time to personally invest themselves in your health.

Treating every condition from plantar fasciitis, flat feet and warts to toenail fungus, bunions and hammertoe, Premier Foot and Ankle takes pride in providing each and every patient with the results they are desperate for. Your ankle specialist in Frisco TX will make sure you are being treated well.

Trust us as your Frisco foot and ankle care specialist and let our experienced, friendly staff help you get back on your feet. Call right now to schedule your initial consultation appointment.