Garland Bunion Hammertoe Removal

Garland Bunion Hammertoe Removal

Premier Foot and Ankle offers hammertoe and bunion removal in Garland TX that is highly effective in relieving you of the pain, discomfort and deformity that comes with these two ailments.

Bunions and hammertoe are similar in nature in the fact that they both often stem from wearing ill-fitting footwear for a prolonged period of time. As your bunion and hammertoe doctor in Garland TX, the team at Premier Foot and Ankle can develop an effective method of treatment to help you find relief.

Rely on our staff for Garland bunion removal

Bunions form when your big toe begins to shift. This causes pain, swelling and redness in the joint at the base of that toe. This can be incredibly painful. We offer bunion removal in Garland TX that is non-invasive. In some cases, we are able to provide our patients with corrective footwear that will slowly fix the issue.

However, more advanced case of bunions must be corrected via a surgical procedure, which will be administered by our highly skilled and experienced staff.

A knowledgeable hammertoe doctor in Garland TX

Hammertoe can inflict damage on to your second, third and fourth toes. This is when an irregular bend forms in the joint of your toes, making them resemble the shape of a hammer (hence, the namesake).

We have a Garland hammertoe doctor on our team that can correct your condition either through various footwear or surgical procedures.

It’s important that, with both of these ailments, you seek the attention of our team as soon as possible. Allowing these problems to progress will make them tougher to correct.

Premier Foot and Ankle is here to provide you with hammertoe and bunion removal in Garland TX in addition to offering relief from a wide range of other foot and ankle problems. Consult with our team and tell us about your needs.