Plano Diabetic Foot Care Specialist

Plano Diabetic Foot Care Specialist

Any Plano diabetic foot care specialist would preach to you the importance of proper foot care and maintenance when you suffer from diabetes. In fact, diligent foot care in general is important, but it’s paramount when diabetes is a factor in your condition.

At Premier Foot and Ankle, we put expert podiatrists in your corner to make sure that your feet are not posing a problem to your health. Here, you will work with a diabetic foot care specialist in Plano TX that will treat your foot issues and also teach you how to monitor and maintain your feet between office visits.


Keeping a watchful eye on your feet

If you suffer from diabetes and have not consulted with a Plano diabetic foot care doctor yet, Premier Foot and Ankle would like to highlight the importance of finding the right doctor.

At our clinic, our staff has recorded decades of combined experience working with diabetic patients and addressing their unique foot issues as they come up. These issues often come in the form of ulcers or wounds. The following are a few things to consider in regards to practicing safe foot health.

  • Examine your feet daily. Diabetes decreases circulation to the feet, making it more difficult to sense wounds or ulcers that have formed. They must be addressed by a qualified Plano diabetic foot care specialist.
  • Managing blood glucose levels is important. Ulcers form when blood glucose levels are high, and these ulcers can lead to infection in your feet.
  • If you have found wounds or ulcers on your feet, carefully clean them and wrap them in a bandage until a diabetic foot care specialist in Plano TX can examine your feet.

At Premier Foot and Ankle, our diabetic foot care doctor in Plano TX is readily available to address your needs, whether it is an emergency or a simple examination.

We are the premier Plano diabetic foot care specialist — put our knowledge to use for the superior health of your feet.