4 Tools You Need for Proper Foot Care

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Your feet carry the weight of your body every day. You put a lot of wear and tear on them through simple acts such as walking around the house. Tack exercise on top of that and your feet may need a break by the end of the day. At Premier Foot, we recommend that you do your part to prevent injury with

1. Good Shoes

One of the biggest culprits of foot injuries is ill-fitting shoes. Be sure you protect your feet by wearing shoes with:

  • Enough room for your toes to wiggle
  • A well-supported arch
  • Low heels (if you must wear heels)

2. Good Socks

Socks help protect your feet from wounds and even blisters. What’s more, they actually wick away moisture. When moisture collects on your feet, it creates a breeding ground for bacteria and infection.

3. A Bathtub

It can be easy to overlook washing your feet, but it is something you should always make an effort to do. Good foot care calls for regular washing to remove the moisture and bacteria that your feet collect during the day.

4. A Podiatrist

One of the most valuable tools you have for taking care of your feet is a podiatrist. Find a quality Plano foot doctor who can quickly take care of injuries and offer preventative advice.

At Premier Foot, we specialize in preventing and treating foot injuries. Proper foot care can greatly reduce the risk of incurring an issue. If you are having problems, contact us at (972) 424-8999 to schedule an appointment so we can get you back on your feet again.


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