Best Walks in McKinney


Staying active can help keep your health in the best possible condition. The benefits of being healthy include having a higher quality of life, and being able to enjoy numerous activities. One way to increase your health is by walking on a regular basis. Knowing the best places to walk in McKinney may be helpful for you to get out and get started.

Places to Walk

Finding the ideal place to get your daily exercise is important for you to do so. It’s a great idea to enjoy a scenic location that offers you a lot to see and enjoy while hitting the open road.

Below are some of the top areas in McKinney to walk:

  • Oak Point Nature Preserve – This is a great location for you to enjoy all that nature has to offer and to get in a long walk at the same time. You’re sure to want to go a little further when you visit his park.
  • Town Lake Park Trail of Trees – This is a 1.2-mile area walk that offers over 14 species of trees for you to see while enjoying your walk. This area is greatly enjoyed by the tree lovers of the world.
  • Arbor Hills Nature Preserve – This park is actually in Plano, but may be the one you will want to take the time to see. You can enjoy hiking paths and may even see some wild animals out and about while you’re on your walk.

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