Bunion Pain Treatment

Your McKinney TX podiatrist offers exceptional bunion pain treatment for people who suffer from a variety of foot pain problems. One of the most common ailments the McKinney TX podiatry professionals encounter is pain due to bunions.

“It’s basically a hereditary deformity where the bone behind your big toe starts to drift over and so it messes up your big toe,” say the podiatrists at Premier Foot & Ankle. What leads to bunions is the hereditary mechanics of your feet not a particular style of shoe or gait. The pain is caused when one has to wear shoes which by nature are not made for feet with such a deformity.

This bunion pain video from Premier Foot & Ankle shows more of the procedures and treatment for bunion pain.

Premier Foot & Ankle is the podiatric expert in McKinney with an office in Plano. Your McKinney foot doctor, Premier Foot & Ankle, is available for regular check-ups and questions at 972-424-8999 or you can schedule an appointment online.


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