Diabetic Foot Care Prevents Serious Problems

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For most diabetics, taking extra care to monitor your immune system and overall health can be extremely important for reducing the chances of infection and serious long-term complications. Because a diabetic’s immune system is often weaker than a typical immune system, paying special attention to the early signs of irregular foot pain, injury, numbness and swelling can greatly reduce your risks of serious health problems. When any of the following symptoms arise, you likely need urgent diabetic foot care. Our educated staff at Premier Foot is highly trained on the best techniques and methods for diabetic foot treatment.

Prevent Diabetes-Related Complications

Monitoring your diabetes can be an overwhelming and constantly arduous task in itself. The last thing you need to worry about is a foot injury or infection related to your diabetes. By looking for these early signs, and calling our office right away with any questions or concerns, you may be able to prevent both painful and life-threatening complications:

  • Ulcers: If your blood-glucose level becomes high or a serious foot injury occurs, an ulcer may begin to form on the bottom of your foot. Seek diabetic foot care immediately to prevent worsening conditions.
  • Persisting Foot Pain: While foot pain may be a sign of poor circulation, an examination by one of our foot care professionals may help to detect more serious problems in the early stages.

For questions or to set up an appointment at one of our facilities, call us at our Plano location at (972)424-8999. To contact our McKinney office, we can be reached at (214) 778-1239. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Premier Foot is ready to help you with all of your diabetic foot care needs and concerns.


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