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Ok, so some people may not view feet as the most important part of our bodies, but when you think about them, they really do a lot of work for us; transport, balance, even standing in (no pun intended) as a makeshift pointer when our hands are full – they really are quite versatile.

There are things in this world that can affect the use of our feet though, and it’s not until they are affected by something that we give much thought to them.

Losing the strength in either your ankle or foot can be more than just a physical pain though, it can make a difference to your whole lifestyle.


Keeping your feet or ankles mobile is key to helping build that strength back up, without movement, it is very difficult to try and build up the muscular movement needed to support you. A cooling or heat pack can help with the aches and pains that exercising the muscles could bring on.


If you find that the muscles have become weak, you should start out gently; don’t immediately try and exercise with a 50lb weight strapped to your ankle. Little and often is a good way to start.

Lifting or gripping weights with your feet can make a vast improvement, both to mobility and strength. Don’t be disheartened if results aren’t forthcoming within a week though, it takes time and patience.

Professional Advice

As with any medical condition, you should always take professional advice about your situation; while you may know your body well, a trained expert can often give you further insight in to what you should or shouldn’t be doing.

Whatever the cause of your foot pain, Premier Foot and Ankle have experienced podiatrists that know just what it takes to look after you, including actually listening to you rather than talking over you and giving you the benefit of our knowledge – we believe that you are a key part in us understanding your needs or problems.

We at Premier Foot have a team of professionals with expert knowledge and experience, to discuss any problems that you have, call us at 972-424-8999 or CONTACT US ONLINE


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