Foot Care Tips for Winter Weather

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When getting ready for the winter weather, many people make sure their car and house are taken care of, but they forget to prepare their own bodies for the cold. Your feet are especially prone to pain and damage caused by cold temperatures. As your McKinney podiatrist, our team of foot health professionals at Premier Foot & Ankle offers these foot care tips to help you stay comfortable all winter long.


Keep your feet moisturized with a foot care cream or lotion that protects the skin from cracks and dryness and enhances healing and circulation. You can also try organic olive oil if your skin is sensitive. After moisturizing, put socks on your feet so you skin can absorb the lotion.

Proper Footwear

If you plan to spend more than a few minutes outdoors, make sure your feet are properly outfitted with comfortable footwear. This begins with socks, ideally made of cotton or wool to allow for circulation. Add a supportive shoe or boot with arch support and a reinforced heel or toe. If there is precipitation in the air, choose footwear that resists moisture and has good grips to avoid falls. Even if you spend most of your time indoors, keep your feet warm with slippers or socks but avoid using heating pads on your feet.

Check Your Feet

It’s important to check your feet on a daily basis, especially if you are diabetic or if you have spent time outside. Look for blisters, sores, cuts, cracks, and discoloration on the balls, heels, sides, tops, and toes. Check between your toes for signs of fungus. Inspect your toenails for changes such as thickening or splitting.

If your feet show any signs of harm from the cold weather, including redness, numbness, sores, or itching, contact us at Premier Foot & Ankle. We offer gentle treatments to reduce your pain and help to heal your feet. From taping and bracing to custom orthotics, we have a solution that will benefit you. Call us any time at 214-778-1239 to make an appointment with our caring and dedicated podiatrists.


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