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Often, simple exercises will minimize pain and alleviate symptoms of flat feet (pes planus). Keep in mind, safe practice suggests you always consult your Plano, TX podiatry clinic before beginning any exercise program.

A towel stretch is one exercise that may help increase the arches in your flat feet. Take a towel, roll it, and place the middle of the rolled towel underneath the ball of your foot. While keeping your knee straight and leg on the floor, gently pull the towel toward your body causing just your heel to lift of the floor. Repeat this motion four times holding the position for 15 seconds.

Flat feet can also benefit from a simple leg balance exercise. Stand barefoot on the floor and raise one leg off the ground slowly while focusing on your balance. While maintaining good balance arch your foot and count to five. Reset and repeat a set of 10 repetitions for each leg.

A plantar fascia stretch is another exercise to increase your arch. Facing a wall in a lunge-like position, bend your forward foot so your toes are touching the wall while the ball of your foot remains on the ground. Bend your knees toward the wall for 30 seconds to feel the tendon beneath your arch stretch. Repeat this exercise two times for each foot.

Your Plano, TX podiatrists will be able to determine much about your arch problem through visual inspection of your feet. Call Premier Foot and Ankle are here to inform patients, give quality care, all in a comfortable, convenient setting.

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