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There are many conditions that can affect the appearance, feel and even smell of your feet, and while you can hide the appearance and feel, sometimes, there is just no getting away from that smell. We are guessing that most people have had the pleasure of meeting someone or knows someone that suffers from bad foot hygiene.


The term hygiene is used for many things, and most people take it as though it’s a lack of washing or such, but it isn’t. When we refer to foot hygiene, we aren’t saying that you don’t wash properly! The difficulty with foot odor is that it permeates into your shoes, so no matter how many times you wash your feet, it will always come back.


There are treatments that can help, but one of the best solutions is to wear natural (i.e leather) shoes. They help the feet breathe and can eliminate those nasty odors. Trainers, sneakers, pumps, running shoes – whatever you call them, they can make things significantly worse. It’s all about sweat. The more your feet sweat, the worse it is going to be and synthetic fibers will only increase that.

Help 2.0

Dusting your feet with talc can help with the sweat, allowing them to remain drier for longer, as can changing your socks regularly. Trainer liners may look cool but they really don’t help to keep your feet dry and sweat free.

Only in extreme circumstances would we see a patient for bad foot odor, sometimes there are other reasons why it might be happening, but medical treatments are available ‘in extremis’.

Whatever problems you may be suffering with your feet or ankles, talking to a professional at Premier Foot and Ankle is the first ‘step’ to getting it sorted.

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