Good Shoes Can Help Prevent Plantar Fasciitis

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Whether you work on your feet or enjoy long runs, you should be taking care of your feet. After all, they carry you through every day, helping you get your work – or your workout – done. Take your feet to our specialists at Premier Foot so that you can prevent common injuries like plantar fasciitis.

Signs of an Issue

If you feel a sharp stab or a deep ache in the middle of your heel or along your arch, odds are you might have plantar fasciitis You might also notice that your foot is sore and causes you to limp in the morning. This is a result of the muscles being contracted overnight.

Wearing overused shoes is a common culprit of this condition, which a McKinney foot doctor often sees in runners or people who are on their feet most of the day. If your shoes do not fit correctly due to biomechanical flaws like high-arched feet, you are also susceptible to this injury. Bad shoes can cause a rip in the plantar fascia, resulting in that crippling pain that sidelines runners for weeks.

Get Back on Your Feet

If you suspect you might have plantar fasciitis, you should schedule an appointment with us at Premier Foot. We can help you with treatment plans that may include orthotics, anti-inflammatories and even physical therapy. And we’ll probably ask you what kind of shoes you are wearing, as we know they can play a major role in either helping you heal or causing more damage. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at (972) 424-8999.


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