How to Treat a Blister on Your Foot

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When it comes to dealing with a blister on your foot, this can be a painful experience. The larger the blister, the more difficult it may be to cope with because of the discomfort. Blisters can be painful and have a tendency to be filled with fluid that may be tempting to you to burst. However, it may not be the best ideal to burst a blister that’s on your foot. Knowing the proper way to treat this foot ailment may help you get rid of it sooner rather than later.

Clean the Blister

The first thing you will want to do is to use mild soap and warm water to clean the blister. This will help prevent it from getting dirty which may potentially cause a serious infection to form that could worsen your condition significantly.

Deciding to Pop the Blister

One of the first things you may want to do is to burst the blister. There are a couple things you should consider before doing this, however. The first thing you may want to think about is if the blister is making walking difficult. If so, it may be in your best interest to drain it. This should be done by using a sterilized needle to do so.

However, if you can walk without being in pain, you may to let the blister heal on its own. This may take more time, but is the best option for most people.

Using Ointment on the Blister

It’s a good idea if you do decide to pop the blister to use an anti-bacterial ointment immediately after doing so. This will work to decrease the chance of the blister becoming infected.

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