McKinney TX Flat Feet Treatments

You rely on your feet daily to stand, walk, and run, but if there is a problem with your feet, the lifestyle you enjoyed may become painful. Don’t neglect foot problems, because they rarely get better on their own. Get a professional opinion from a member of our team at Premier Foot & Ankle. We want to be your McKinney TX podiatrist team of choice. Our expert podiatrists specialize in helping ease a variety of foot and ankle problems with the knowledge and experience to effectively diagnose and treat the feet.

Among the problems addressed at our facility are patients suffering from flat feet, which happens when the arches fall are than normal. The majority of people with this condition experience no symptoms, but some may require medical intervention. Occasionally, flat footed adults may have tired and sore feet after sports or standing for extended periods of time. Our podiatrists have methods to treat both mild discomfort and pain from more severe cases of flat footedness.

Some of the most effective treatments available our podiatrists recommend include specially fitted orthotics or foot exercises. These podiatric treatment options may be used in mild cases, and they have the benefit of a lack of side effects. The patient may need surgery if the arches have flattened from a bone deformity.

Patients’ feet may not have been flat at birth, but injury, stress, illness, genetics, or age may result in their development later in life. A podiatrist simply examines the feet while the patient stands barefoot. If the arches of the feet touch the floor, the patient’s feet may be flat. An x-ray may reveal bone deformities in severely flat footed patients.

If you are ready to make an appointment with a foot doctor in McKinney, call Premier Foot & Ankle at 214-778-1239 from McKinney or 972-424-8999 from Plano.


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