Most Common Foot Injuries

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Your feet are one of the most important parts of your body—after all, you use them to run, jump, walk, stand, or really get anywhere. Unfortunately, this means that your feet are also susceptible to injury. Here at Premier Foot, we want your feet to be as healthy as possible, so here are the most common foot injuries to watch out for.

Cuts and Bruises

First of all, there are a few simple problems to avoid. A stone bruise occurs when you step on something small and hard, such as a stone, rock, or small toy. This causes bruising as well as the occasional cut or scrape on the bottom of the foot; while painful, it is usually not something to worry about. Similar injuries can also occur when something is dropped on your foot.


It might be cause for concern if the pain persists for more than a few days, your foot looks abnormally shaped, there is swelling in the area, or you cannot put any weight on it. If you stubbed your toes, rolled your foot, dropped something very heavy, or hit your foot against another object, these can all be indications of a broken bone. Some of the most common foot fractures include the ankle, the toes, the heel bone, and the talus (which connects the heel bone to the leg bones).


Sprains are other common foot injuries. These occur when the ligaments, or tough tissues that connect bones together, are stretched farther than they should be. While this is most common in the ankle, it can also occur in the foot itself. A sprain might have similar symptoms to a fracture, like bruising, swelling, and difficulty walking; it’s best to see a professional to determine the difference.

At Premier Foot, we recognize how important your feet are to you, and we want to help you recover from any common foot injuries you may experience. If you’re concerned that you may have damaged your foot, give us a call at (214) 778-1239 to speak to a McKinney foot doctor.


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